Steering Committee

The Melbourne Screen Studies Steering Committee is comprised of elected representatives from seven of the universities with main campuses in the Melbourne region. This group is responsible for coordinating the activities and direction of the Group, and for liaising between individual institutions and the wider MSSG membership.

The current Steering Committee members are:

Craig Batty (RMIT University)

Liam Burke (Swinburne University)

John Cumming (Deakin University)

Adrian Danks (RMIT University)

Wendy Haslem (Melbourne University)

Hester Joyce (La Trobe University)

Jane Landman (Victoria University)

Angela Ndalianis (Melbourne University)

Sean Redmond (Deakin University)

Belinda Smaill (Monash University)

Marilyn Tofler (Swinburne University)

Constantine Verevis (Monash University)

Terrie Waddell (La Trobe University)


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