Imaging Screens – MSSG Seminar Presentation

Melbourne Screen Studies Group (MSSG) Seminar Series/ 2015
Friday 6 November 3:00 – 5:00pm
Deakin City Centre 550 Bourke Street Melbourne
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Imagining Screens

A presentation by staff from the School of Communication and Creative Arts in the Faculty of Arts and Education at Deakin University.

The Disrupted Screen: Digital Television in Australia (Toija Cinque)
The up-take of internet integrated television is increasing and smart television use is rising. Broadcasting as audiences and industries have known it faces further transformation. The presentation explores issues having arisen over how to safeguard local content in a globally interconnected media world where protection is diminishing.

Toija is a writer and Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications.

The Last days of Sunlight (Simon Wilmot)
Lamalama elder Sunlight Bassani is sick and dying and wants to finish the quest he began as a young man, to get his people back onto their country. To do this he must negotiate with white people through a process he doesn’t fully understand while maintaining cohesion within the Lamalama in the face of the unmaking and remaking of identity and authenticity that this quest is forcing on them.

Simon is a filmmaker, Senior Lecturer and Head of the Film and Television discipline.

Screening Objects (Lienors Torre and Rose Woodcock)
Screening Objects looks at the relationship between screens and objects from two artists’ perspectives. This research references personal work and the work of other artists.

Lienors is an animator, glass artist and Lecturer in Animation & Motion Capture.
Rose is an animator and Lecturer in Animation & Motion Capture.