Filmnews Digitisation Project

Filmnews was published from 1975 to 1994. Over time Filmnews came to represent the voice of the independent Australian film and video maker, while maintaining a broad brief, covering the areas of media production and practice, media policy, film culture and theory. It carried well-informed interviews with individual filmmakers (famous and obscure, local and foreign) side by side with critical interviews with policy-makers, film bureaucrats and broadcasters, side by side with analyses of institutions, funding regimes and media policies, side by side with sophisticated but accessible articles on current film theory debates.

Complete sets of this newsprint periodical are very hard to find these days and they are crumbling. The Filmnews Digitisation Project will create an archival resource providing a wealth of material for those researching Australian cinema, the history of independent media, cultural policy and Australian film and video in particular.

$20,000 needs to be raised for this project. Donations can be made at